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In our universe, CTO means Chief Technology Office. We want to help Businesses realize their dreams and goals by using Technology in the most efficient, sensible and cost effective manner

We can help Startups, Enterprises, Government,NGO’s and our brotherhood , the tech guys

We are one of the few consulting firms providing Interim and Remote CTO services in India and across the globe.We can also help VC and PE firms by conducting Technical Due Deligence on the projects they want to evaluate. We also offer Product ideation, design and consulting services

Why to Hire an Interim CTO

  • Technology plays a important role in ensuring the success and efficiency of an organization.Our Interim CTOs have offered their knowledge and expert advice to many organizations, and they will see to it that you can get maximum benefit’s from the experience they have acquired
  • Our team of interim CTOs have proven leadership skills and a strong background in technology. Our team of professional’s can help your company build a solid technology strategy for your current business needs as well as continued success and productivity in the future
  • The flexibility an interim CTO brings is that they can bring in years of experience without the commitment of a permanent role and even on a part time basis
  • An interim Chief Technology Officer (CTO) helps companies develop and implement technology strategy for a specific period of time
  • An Interim CTO with extensive industry experience can provide the necessary skills to speed up software development in the early stages of the company. According to market research, some startups find that an Interim CTO are required till the company gets to speed in operations
  • Our CTO’s can work remotely or onsite with you

An Interim CTO is responisble for

  1. Defining and Designing the complete software architecture and database
  2. Establishing software development processes in the organization
  3. Selection and overseeing of day-to-day development team
  4. Selection and overseeing of engineering management team
  5. Evaluating emerging technologies and setting the vision for the organization with regards to technology
  6. Assisting with day-to-day development and/ or prototype development
  7. Managing staff and hardware/software/cloud/security infrastructure budgets
  8. Procuring software and services
  9. Influencing product, market, and overall organization strategy

We are a team of professionals having 2 decades of experience working with the some of the biggest companies around the globe. We are passionate about technology and want to empower people and business around the globe, to use the right tech to take their enterprise or services they offer, to the next level

What we can do along with Interim CTO services –

  • Provide a strategic approach to the technology and product
  • Manage, build and scale development teams
  • Make decisions that work for now and for the future
  • Participate in fundraising and financing processes
  • Ensuring the business can scale

And Much Much More

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