Customized Software Development

Modern computing technology is vast and complex. Every solution demands different products , different tools and different tech. Its like one big ecosystem having multiple parts to it. And every solution, generally has different components which play seamless with each other to create a great experience.You can think of us as your technology partner. We bring 23 years of computing industry experience to the table. Count on us for rolling out bankable solutions with accomplishing and completing complex projects, with high code quality and with time bound precision.

We Can-

  • We can define software architecture and database design
  • We can take up any complex project and complete it within the time frame with high quality of code
  • We can QA certify your projects and can also come up with automation scripts for deployment to production
  • Migrate existing applications and data to cloud infrastructure
  • Provide Industrial grade Security solutions
  • Harness the power of Big Data along with AI and ML
  • We can train your team with any modern technology and make them project ready
  • We can remotely monitor the progress of your project and mentor your team to accomplish the project
  • We can help in recruitment of your team

Our technology expertise is as below-


Core Java, JavaScript[ NODE.JS ], C, Python


SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, MongoDB

Cloud Platforms and Cloud Migration

Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Compute Engine, Rackspace

Containerization and Orchestration

Docker, Kubernetes,Docker Swarm, ECS, Rancher, Nomad

3rd Party API Integrations

Google, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Youtube, Ebay,Uber, Shopify, Wix and many others

Microservices and Serverless Architecture

Lambda,Spring Boot,Restlet,Dropwizard,Spark,Microservices Node JS

Security Services

Penetration Testing, Malware removing, Cyber Crime & Forensic Investigation, Code Auditing, Ethical Hacking, Encryption, SSL and VPN configuration

Data Processing

Druid, Kafka, SQS, RabbitMQ, Redis

Monitoring, Alerting, Logging

Prometheus, Zabbix, Grafana, ELK/EFK/TICK Stack, Nagios, Monit, Graylog, Sentry, NewRelic, Fluentd, Loki

CI/CD implementation

 Jenkins as primary CI/CD tool, Ansible for automation, Groovy and Python for scripting


Ardino, Rasberry PI,MQTT, CoAP, Time Series Database, KAFKA, AKKA, Hadoop and Sensor area network communication protocols, such as 6LowPAN, BLE, ZigBee, ModBus, BacNET

Machine Learning/Deep Learning

Data Visualization, Data Cleaning, Web Scraping, Predictive Analysis, Statistical Modeling, Data Mining, Clustering & Classification,Data Analytics, Quantitative Analysis, ML Algorithms ,Model Development, Clustering, Graph Theory

Machine Learning Packages

Scikit-learn, NumPy, Pandas, Tensor Flow, R-Studio,NLTK,BeutifulSoup , Matplotlib, StatsModels,Jupyter Notebook

DevOps Tool

Kubernetes, Docker, Chef, Puppet, Ansible

Release Management and Version Control Systems


Build Tools

ANT, Maven, Gradle

Mobile Apps

Android, IOS

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