Non-Profits.Pure Dedication


We can help your Non Profit to innovate and have super successful projects using the power of modern technologies.Think of us as your extended technology team mates, helping you in accomplishing your vision in the most cost-effective,efficient and timely manner using cutting-edge , state of the art, modern computing technology

Non-Profits. These 2 words invite RESPECT. Non-profit organizations like trusts, cooperatives, advocacy, charity, environmental and religious groups strive to make the world a better place, every single day. Non-profits can make use of innovative technology to accomplish their mission efficiently and reach a far wider audience.

How can we add value to your Non-Profit

Non profit organizations operate on very strict budgets. So the cost of using modern technologies can seem prohibitive. But effective use of technology (and most of time open source ones) can create innovation, efficiency, and help them in accomplishing their mission and reaching out to a much wider audience. You can think of us as your own back end technology team. We can –

  • We can come up with technology strategy to select digital tools to empower staff and stakeholders to effectively deliver on the mission
  • We can help in increasing organizational efficiency and boost up the mission along with enabling it to reach to wider audience
  • We can help in selecting the right open-source free software that the non-profits can innovativly use to accomplish their mission
  • Harness the power of data, mobile, cloud technologies and analytics to create information flow and to provide real-time insights
  • Use technologies to break the language barrier and make the information reach across the globe irrespective of physical boundaries
  • We can train your existing team with the technology required and mentor them in the right direction

We provide Remote CTO services that will work like your own technology office available 24*7. You just offload all your technology challenges to your Remote CTO and just focus on shaping your core ideas. We are your tech team doing all the tech heavy lifting.
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