Remote CTO Services

We provide Remote CTO services that will work like your own technology office available 24*7. You just offload all your technology challenges to your Remote CTO and just focus on shaping your core ideas. We are your tech team doing all the tech heavy lifting. Advantage of using our Remote CTO Services is huge

What we do

  • Provide Technical Leadership and give the right input on product and technology strategy
  • Advisory services to set the technology vision of your venture
  • Create technology strategies for the development of an organization
  • Define software architecture and database design
  • Ensuring technological processes to follow federal guidelines for privacy and security of data
  • Establishing and standardizing software development processes
  • Architecting and Designing the perfect technology solution to your venture
  • We can design, build , test and deploy the entire systems , end – to- end with complete responsibility and with total effectiveness. Please click to know the tech we work with
  • Help you in setting up the right engineering team for the execution of the project at your end
  • Evaluate emerging technologies that can make your product more efficient and valuable
  • We can assist in day – to – day development work
  • Managing staff and hardware/cloud infrastructure budgets
  • Training teams
  • Monitoring management of all hardware, software, databases and licenses
  • If required, help in procuring software and services
  • Help in preparing for a funding round
  • Influencing product, market, and overall company strategy
  • Conducting reviews of products or systems to evaluate their potential value to the company
  • Guiding strategic business decisions and resources allocation
  • Improve visibility and communication between strategy and software delivery teams
  • Coaching for a technology leader in your company
  • Doing independent analysis of your product

Some of the scenarios where we can add tremendous value

  • Starting a brand new venture from scratch
  • Major business transitions, such as transitioning from one business model to another
  • Major Product Innovations
  • Migration/re-architecture of applications and data to the cloud
  • Raising funds
  • Building a new team, in-house
  • Training and mentoring of existing team in modern computing technologies
  • Selection of outsourcing partners
  • Developing a new product or a new business