We offer a range of services to help you achieve the results you’re after. Not sure what you need, or what it costs? We have fantastic services to help you out to stay ahead of the curve

Remote CTO Services

  • Good for Business who are looking at the right person to give advice on technology vision for the enterprise
  • To come up with the vision of where you’re going with your product and how your company will grow with your software solution
  • Creating technology strategies for the development of an organization
  • Ensuring technological processes to follow federal guidelines for privacy and security
  • Establishing software development processes
  • Construct a solution for outsourcing to contract/agencies (product discovery, UX/UI, technical spec)
  • Selection and oversight of day-to-day development team (early-stage companies)
  • Selection and oversight of engineering management team (mid-stage and growing companies)
  • Evaluating emerging technologies
  • Assisting with day-to-day development and/ or prototype development (early-stage companies)
  • Managing staff and hardware/cloud infrastructure budgets
  • Monitoring management of all hardware, software, databases and licenses
  • Procuring software and services
  • Help in preparing for a funding round
  • Influencing product, market, and overall company strategy
  • Conducting reviews of products or systems to evaluate their potential value to the company
  • Guiding strategic business decisions and resources allocation
  • Improve visibility and communication between strategy and software delivery teams
  • Coaching for a technology leader in your company

Technical Due Diligence Services

  • We provide due-diligence services to VC and PE firms for investment purposes. This process involves deep study of applications, technology algorithms used, along with hardware and networking and security aspect
  • Typically the diligence includes scalability studies, application performance, platforms used, security measures,disaster recoveries,code reviews(if important),source control measures,budgets, patents,IP etc
  • Interact with the teams
  • Review the Strength and Weakness of the product/service

Product Consulting and Design

  • Creation of a product idea with a product roadmap
  • Reviewing of a product idea with a product roadmap
  • Determine Product feasibility
  • Research and Analysis of your product idea and study of product viability in the market
  • Review of process on how to convert and idea to a product in the most efficient , fastest and cost-effective way
  • Building a Proof-of-Concept design and the required prototype

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