Technical Due Diligence Services

Venture capital and Private Equity companies need to make the right choice before they invest in or acquire technology companies. They need to ensure that all the metrics are correctly addressed before taking the decision to make the investment. We conduct a deep dive study, on behalf of the VC/PE companies into the product/service they are planning to invest in , and come up with analyzed data, that helps the companies take informed decision before investing.

What we do

  • We analyze and evaluate the technology, product, architecture and processes in the organization
  • We provide due-diligence services to VC and PE firms for investment purposes. This process involves deep study of applications, technology algorithms used, along with hardware and networking and security aspect
  • Typically the diligence includes scalability studies, application performance, platforms used, security measures,disaster recoveries,code reviews(if important),source control measures,budgets, patents,IP,compliance etc
  • Review the Strength and Weakness of the product/service
  • Interact with the teams and understand them well