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If your business vision has a technology part to it, then we can completely take care of it. Think of us as your extended technology team mates, helping you in accomplishing your vision in the most cost-effective,efficient and timely manner using cutting-edge , state of the art, modern computing technology

VC and PE companies can be thought of as the engine of economic growth. They don’t just invest capital. They invest knowledge and bring solid industrial experience to the table.They take on the risk of financing start-ups and other ventures in the hope that these invested firms might become super – successful. But investment without cutting edge data and deep information about the product/service might be risky

How we can be valuable to your company

Before investing or acquiring in any high technology company it is very valuable to have an independent assement of it. This will highly reduce or eliminate any risks to the investment that is going to be made. There are numerous tech metrics that will help you in taking informed decision regarding your investment.You can think of us as your own back end technology team. We can –

  • Conduct a technical due diligence on your company of your interest
  • We do a deep study of applications, technology algorithms used, along with hardware and networking and security aspect
  • Typically the diligence includes scalability studies, application performance, platforms used, security measures,disaster recoveries,code reviews(if important),source control measures,budgets, patents,IP etc
  • Review the Strength and Weakness of the product/service

We provide Remote CTO services that will work like your own technology office available 24*7. You just offload all your technology challenges to your Remote CTO and just focus on shaping your core ideas. We are your tech team doing all the tech heavy lifting.
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