Why Remote CTO

Technology is changing fast. Business needs to adapt technology faster and efficiently, to stay ahead of curve and boost their profits.We believe that technology should never be a barrier to your growth story.

By using our Remote CTO services, You will get specialized consultation without hiring full time talent

It might be possible, that as a business,you might not be having the required tech resources (roadmap, team, budget etc). But does that mean that you keep using the existing tech in your business and avoid the latest technology? NO. We believe strongly that technology should never be a barrier to your growth story. You should use the best of the tech offerings, in the most cost effective possible and achieve your target.

The Remote CTO Advantage

  • We can save your money when you are riding the tech wave – ( and lot’s of them) — Using our CTO services, there is no need for you to have a full time CTO. Due to decades of experience and skill sets , full time CTO’s come at a price. and most of the time its pretty high.You can escape the heavy cost of hiring a full-time CTO by opting for our remote CTO services, where you can use our on demand CTO services or dedicated CTO services. We can assure you that whichever service you opt, you will end up paying lot lot lesser and at the same time getting the same high level tech results and knowledge that the full time CTO brings to the table.
  • By using our services, We can help you avoid expensive mistakes like using wrong tech, building products not needed in market , hiring the wrong team, investing on tech that is not required and so on.
  • Remote CTO can understand your business requirements and can come up with a technology roadmap and plan for boosting business revenue and taking it to the next level.
  • We can make things happen – Very fast and Very efficiently. We are technology-focused, hence often we have more experience with newer technologies that offer faster, more agile ways of launching products. We can solve your business issues using technology solutions in the quickest possible time and accelerate tech developments
  • The flexibility of using a Remote CTO is that, they can bring in years of experience without the commitment of a permanent role.Remote CTO can bring knowledge and experience to smaller firms that don’t have the time or money to make strategic mistakes
  • The reality is that most businesses don’t need a full time CTO until they get to a large enough size.In our experience, for small firms and startups, the guidance a CTO provides is needed only on an interim basis for certain key decisions and as a fractional role for corporate decision making
  • When a team starts to grow you need to have a clear direction and priorities. Our CTO’s can incorporate industry best practices like VFQ and Lean Startup Methodologies that will enable you to stop wasting time and focus on business your customers’ needs.
  • We can advice the company management with the tech that needs to be adopted to prepare the business for digital world
  • You might have built your custom website or some products that you are planning to scale up or transition to more advanced tech. But don’t know how? Our CTO’s provide guidance and recommendations that will map out the next six months for your product
  • Fund Raising – Investors need to know that you are associated with technical expertise. Our CTO’s can represent your company in pitch decks and investor meetings. We will be there to explain what the technology strategy is for the company and what the product roadmap looks like

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Remote CTO offerings

Dedicated CTO

Dedicated CTO will be engaged for the entire project duration. He will be with the project FULL TIME, and would be overseeing all the aspects of the project, right from the project design stages to the final delivery of the finished product. Having a dedicated CTO means that every issue will be monitored and will addressed real-time. The entire project will be managed very pro-actively and hands-on

On-Demand CTO

You can hire our on-demand CTO services, if you don’t need somebody full time , but you need some experienced hand behind the scenes. You can hire our on-demand CTO services, when you need somebody who has a solid tech understanding to address all your pending issues and make your project go smooth, without zero hiccups